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Start an easy home reno project today - a new coat of paint can take a room from drab to fab. By simply using colour, you can liven a mood or quiet it down. You can add warmth or coolness in a room. Colours are a matter of personal choice. Get started by asking yourself: How do I want to feel in this room? How does the selected colour affect the rest of the house? What is "in," do I want to be trendy? Will I get tired of this colour? What if I hate it?

You can create a feature wall by painting it a contrasting, dramatic colour, which will serve to visually bring it forward. Give a front door, chairs, or a piece of furnture a new lease on life with a new colour. Apply a dripped and splattered look. Make a room pop by bringing in a bold colour. 

Ready to get started? For all your outdoor and indoor projects, we stock over 8 racks of stains and paints. Let us quote on your project. At C.F. Evans, we're ready to serve you.

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